The City of Missoula Public Art Committee invites artists to apply for a public art project to create art on traffic signal boxes (TSB) located throughout Missoula. The goal of the project is to use local traffic signal boxes as canvases, greatly enhancing Missoula's visual surroundings. The project is open to artists residing in Missoula County, Montana. All eligible applicants, regardless of age, race, sex, religion, nationality, origin or disability, will be considered.

Artist’s Award:  The total budget for each Traffic Signal Box shall be $1,000 and must include all materials and artist’s labor

Deadline for Proposals:  No later than 5:00 PM on Friday, June 3, 2016

*View the entire art call online in PDF format by clicking here

Choice of Material

Artists may choose to paint their traffic signal box, or have a vinyl made of their original design. The requirements for materials include:

  1. VINYL: Artists producing “digitally enhanced works” may choose a printed vinyl wrap. Artists must use a high performance vinyl. Vinyl applications must be applied professionally. Further, printed vinyl must also have a clear coat applied for added protection.
  2. PAINT: The following acrylic-based products are required if an artist chooses to paint their traffic signal box:
    • PRIMER:  This is the base layer before painting the traffic signal box. Please use "Bulls Eye 1-2-3" by Zinsser, available at paint and hardware stores in Missoula.
    • PAINT:  Golden Artist Colors, Inc. is the only brand of paints allowed for the traffic signal box project. Visit their website for technical tips for painting outside and lifespan of paint colors. Golden Artist Colors paints can be ordered through the University of Montana Bookstore and are available to purchase at Michaels.
    • ISOLATION COAT:  This is the layer between paint and the protective clear coat. Please only use "Golden Artist Color: Soft Gel Gloss" for the Isolation Coat.
    • PROTECTIVE VARNISH/CLEAR COAT:  This is the top layer after the paint and isolation coat. Please only use "Golden Artist Color: MSA Varnish."

CONCRETE BASES:  Each traffic signal box stands on a concrete base. This art call requires the concrete base to be taken into consideration when choosing your paint colors. Please choose a color to complement your design. The following products are required for painting the concrete bases:

  1. Smith Paints brand, available at Macon Supply (2901 W. Broadway, Missoula). Available in variety of colors.
  2. Cure & Seal, also available at Macon Supply. This is a concrete sealant, comparable to varnish.

Requirements for Proposals

Eligibility:  Artists must reside in Missoula County to be eligible for the Traffic Signal Box project.

Proposal Materials:  To be considered, artists must submit an online application as well as create a 3-D model as described below:

  1. ONLINE APPLICATION: Click Here to visit the Public Art Committee's Submittable application form. Log-in to Submittable using your username/password, or create a new account for free. Please prepare the following items and submit using the Submittable form:
    • Proposal Description explaining your concept, design, and materials for your project (one page maximum)
    • Five images of your 3-D model (one photo for each side and top of the traffic signal box)
    • Choose:  Paint or Vinyl (read Choice of Material section)
    • Budget (each box is awarded $1000, which covers material and artist's labor)
    • Artist Bio/Resume
    • Five image examples of representative works (each example must be identified with title, size, media, date, and installation location if applicable)
  2. 3-D MODEL: Artists must create a 3-D scale model using the template provided in the application PDF. Use the template as a guide for size and proportion. Deliver or mail models to:

Peter Lambros, Chair

Missoula Public Art Committee

Mayor's Office, City Hall

435 Ryman

Missoula, MT 59802