In December 2002, Missoula city leaders passed an ordinance establishing a Percent for Art Program – a first for any city in Montana. The ordinance mandated the inclusion of artwork within certain city projects and set procedures to commission, select, and maintain public art. The ordinance required 1% of eligible construction costs of city capital improvement projects paid wholly or in part by the City of Missoula to construct or remodel any public or city building, structure, park or any portion thereof to be allocated for public art and provided a funding source for ongoing maintenance. In November 2015, the amount allocated to this public art program was increased to 1.5%. Read the full ordinance HERE.

Examples of public art projects funded through the Percent For Art Program:


Many public art projects are the result of Public-Private Partnerships, a funding collaboration between the City of Missoula Public art Committee and another entity. The committee has assisted and advised organizations in their efforts to install public art in Missoula, including First Night Missoula, Missoula County Public Schools, Clark Fork Coalition, Brunswick Contemporary Art Center, Very Special Arts Montana, and the Missoula Vietnam Veterans Association. The committee also works with neighborhood councils, private individuals, and entities to encourage art projects.

Examples of public art projects funded through Public-Private Partnerships: