March Public Art Committee Updates

The City of Missoula Public Art Committee has quite a few projects in the works. For our March blog post, we thought it would be appropriate to update you on current projects and endeavors the Public Art Committee is pursing.

UofM Pilot Program: Our Pilot Program in partnering with the University of Montana School of Art is officially in progress. The Public Art Committee has received fabulous student submissions that we are thrilled to begin hanging in City buildings. Installation should occur in April of 2018 to set this pilot in motion! 

2018 Public Art Guide: Exciting news! Our 2018 Missoula Public Art Guide is in the works thanks to our collaboration with the wonderful, Missoulian. We are thrilled to continue to provide an all access platform to Missoula Public Art, UofM Art and a Directory of Galleries/Museums. Be on the lookout for copies of this guide late Spring, early Summer. We will be posting a copy electronically as well. 

2018 Traffic Signal Boxes: As always, the PAC is hard at work setting the groundwork for our next round of TSB's. There are currently upwards of 3-5 boxes that may come to fruition. We are so excited to see what amazing art comes out of our community this year. Keep your eyes open for this art call also come late Spring, early Summer.

The Public Art Committee is excited and honored to have so many amazing projects on our plate. Our goal is always to bring accessible, high quality art to our Missoula area community. If you have any questions or would like to attend a Public Art Committee meeting in the near future please email, becca[at] Thanks for reading!

Julie ArmstrongComment