2017 Traffic Signal Box Dedication

2017's Traffic Signal Boxes are finished! Artists Rachel Neal, Ann Karp, & Melissa Madsen did a wonderful job completing their pieces. The boxes look incredible and add so much life to the street corners they are perched on. Here are a few images:

[Left to Right: Ann Karp, Missoula Aquifer. Melissa Madsen, Swinging on the Tree of Life - Re-Painted. Rachel Neal, Missoula Montage.]

Friday, September 1st was the First Friday Traffic Signal Box Dedication at the Dana Gallery. The night was such a success! Public Art Committee members were present and the artists gave a brief talk on their boxes and artistic visions. We would like to thank everyone who came out to the dedication. It is encouraging to see our community supporting the public arts. Public Art endeavors such as the Traffic Signal Box project would not be possible without an engaged audience! Please take a walk, or drive by North & Russel, South & Garfield, and Brooks & Miller Creek to view the new boxes if you haven't already.

The Missoula Public Art Committee would like to extend a warm thank you to artists, neighborhoods, audiences, and all stakeholders in the completion of the 2017 Traffic Signal Box Project! We are already looking forward to next year's submissions. Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for more images and updates on all things Missoula Public Art!

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